2020 Staff Spotlight: Ang

Name: Ang
Primary Location: Fitchburg

Q: When did you start?

A: April 2014 

Q: What made you apply for this this job?

A: I wanted a job I enjoyed going to. At the time, I was still considering vet school and knew I would enjoy a job working with dogs. I very quickly fell in love with the behavior side of things, dove in head first and never looked back! 

Q: What is your favorite part of daycare?

A: Forming bonds with all the dogs. I love when you can see them come out of their shell and their personality shines! I also really love doing holiday pictures! I have so much fun being silly with the dogs 

Q: What is your favorite part of training?

A:  Watching those lightbulb moments happen! I love watching the celebrations that happen when the dogs and their families figure it out together! 

Q: Favorite thing about your team?

A: That I can truly call them family 

Q: Favorite thing about the clients?

A: That they let us love their dogs and share so many success stories and funny stories of the things they do at home 

Q: Favorite thing about the dogs?

A: That they are unapologetically themselves, I just love all their silly personalities 

Q: Something unique about you – not related to the dogs

A: I grew up with horses and love going horseback riding, I wish I was able to do it more often 

Q: Something you’d never guess I’d do/peg me for

A: I love doing Sudoku  

Q: Which dog breed are you based on this quiz:


A: Labrador: You are a strong, fierce, intelligent person with a strong playful streak. You can be naughty and rambunctious, but your loyalty is until death. You are extremely social and gregarious and you love to swim and to run with your friends. You love to work hard at your job, and nothing makes you happier than a good snuggle with your boo. 

Q: Which breed did you grow up with? 

A:  I’ve had a Cocker Spaniel, a Beagle, and Yorkies. Sunshine was my shadow for many years and the best tiny dog a girl could have. 

Q: Tell us about the pets that you live with now?

A: I have a 6-year-old lab mix named Grady. He is a complete ham; he LOVES learning new things and knows upwards of 200 tricks. He thinks other dogs are the worst and people should not talk to him while he’s walking and he is the best hiking buddy a girl could ask for. When he’s not out hiking or showing off his favorite tricks, he is the LAZIEST boy in the whole world and embraces the couch potato life to the fullest.  

I also have a 3-year-old cat named Glitch. He is VERY sure he is a dog and wants to be a part of everything, he’ll sometimes even ride along when we go hiking. He completely idolizes his brother and loves getting Grady to play with him. He loves hanging out in the backyard, birdwatching from his window and just generally causing mischief.

Q: Favorite color

 A: Teal 

Q: If you got stranded on an island & it’s just you and your best buddy dog, what other animal would you want with you and why?

A:  I’d bring a cat, but not just any cat, my old barn cat Tigger. That cat had an amazing knack for hunting, which would come in quite handy considering me and Grady are hopeless in the hunting department 

Q: If you were a candle, what scent would you be?

A:  Vanilla Patchouli 

Q; If you could have one super power, what would it be?

A:  Definitely teleportation 

 Q: What weird collections do you have?  

A:   I have an unnecessary number of coasters… It’s not an intentional collection, but a collection nonetheless 

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