2020 Staff Spotlight: Charlie

Name: Charlie
Primary Location:  East

Q: When did you start?

A: January 2019

Q: What made you apply for this this job?

A: Ever since I can remember I have had a passion and love for animals. It is a privilege that I have the opportunity to work with dogs every day.

Q: What is your favorite part of daycare?

A: My favorite part of daycare is building strong friendships with the dogs here.

Q: What is your favorite part of training?

A:  My favorite part of training is being able to witness the progress and development of each dog 

Q: Favorite thing about your team?

A: I love my team! Here at the Dog Den the staff are like a family. I always feel supported by my coworkers.

Q: Favorite thing about the clients?

A: The clients are wonderful!  I appreciate that they entrust us with the safety and well-being of their dogs. I take that trust to heart.

Q: Favorite thing about the dogs?

A: I love being able to play with and snuggle with them. I also love the diversity of different breeds I get to work with.

Q: Something unique about you – not related to the dogs

A: I worked with Chacma baboons is South Africa, helping with their rehabilitation and release back into the wild. Primates are the reason I am so in love with animal behavior.

Q: Something you’d never guess I’d do/peg me for

A: I have a love for Opera and listen to it every day.

Q: Which dog breed are you based on this quiz:


A: I am a French Bulldog

Q: Which breed did you grow up with? 

A:  I grew up with a pug, pitbull. Rottweiler, and hound dogs.

Q: Tell us about the pets that you live with now?

A: I have a 3 year old pitbull named Sumo. He’s a sensitive big baby.

Q: Favorite color

A:  Indigo

Q: Share a boring fact about yourself

A: You can’t face backwards on stairs.

Q: If you were a candle, what scent would you be?  

A: I would be a sandalwood and pine scent.

Q:  If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

A:   I would have to power to speak every language known to man.
Q: What ice cream are you?

A: Dolce de leche

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