2020 Staff Spotlight: Haven

Name: Haven
Primary Location: Mix between Puppy & Fitchburg

Q: When did you start?

A: February of 2020

Q: What made you apply for this this job?

A: I was about to graduate UW-Madison with a B.S. in animal sciences and wanted to find a job that I could learn from and grow in (that was also involved animals).

Q: What is your favorite part of daycare?

A:  I love the bond you create with each and every dog you come in contact with. Being able to go to work and have the dogs be excited to see you is the best feeling!

Q: What is your favorite part of training?

A: Being able to see the “light bulb” moment that both dogs and owners have is really special. 

Q: Favorite thing about your team?

A: The HUGE amount of knowledge that the team brings to the table. I am constantly learning something new from every single one of my team members. 

Q: Favorite thing about the clients?

A:  The love and devotion they show for their dogs! 

Q: Favorite thing about the dogs?

A: That they are always excited to be at daycare and learning new things! 

Q: Something unique about you – not related to the dogs

A: Something unique about me is that I work part time as a zookeeper. This was the first step I took into a career focused more on animal behavior rather than animal health/medicine, and it so fun to see how training exotic animals can be so similar to training dogs. 

Q: Something you’d never guess I’d do/peg me for

A:  Something most people wouldn’t peg me to do is sing. I was raised in a musical family so early on I fell in love. I am classically trained, participated in competitive show choir and even was a part of a competitive collegiate a cappella group where I not only sang, but arranged music and gave musical direction to the group!

Q: Which dog breed are you based on this quiz:


A:  Although I don’t totally agree, I am a French bulldog. 

“You are a French bulldog. You don’t like to work very hard, you’re not particularly sociable, and you have a beautiful mind that you don’t especially like to use because mental and physical exercise aren’t exciting to you. Instead, you use your smarts to get away with not pulling your weight, and you’re so darn cute that no one minds.”

Q: Which breed did you grow up with? 

A:  When I was a baby, my parents had a Great Dane mix and throughout middle and high school we had rat terriers, a pit bull, a German shepherd and boxers. 

Q: Tell us about the pets that you live with now?

A:  Currently, I have a 4 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy named Mesa and three fancy rats named Freddie Mercury, Grey and Goose. 

Q: Favorite color

 A: My favorite color is a lilac purple. 

Q: If you got stranded on an island & it’s just you and your best buddy dog, what other animal would you want with you and why?

A: I would like to have a dolphin with me because they are so intelligent and would be very fun to train! Hopefully I would be able to train it to swim us back to the main land. 

Q: If you were a candle, what scent would you be?

A: Spiced Apple because it is a pleasant mix of sweet and spicy

Q: What weird collections do you have?  

A:  I have a collection of flat stones that I collected  from Madeline Island! 

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