2020 Staff Spotlight: Steph

Name:  Steph
Primary Location:  Mostly Puppy with a sprinkle of adult from time to time

Meet Steph

Q: When did you start?

A: April 2014

Q: What made you apply for this this job?

A:  Good Question. I started at The Dog Den as a client with my brand new Great Dane puppy, Bane. I took one puppy class with Daniela and decided that is what I needed to be doing with my life. I had just completed a masters degree in Project Management, yet followed my heart to dogs and have NEVER  looked back ((or been happier!))

Q: What is your favorite part of daycare?

A: There are quite a few so picking just one is hard. Here are my top 3: 

1. Seeing puppies that start at The Puppy Den grow up and join us in The Dog Den. 

2. Helping shy puppies “find their brave” when they first start daycare

3. Forming relationships with the dog and puppy guardians and laughing, joking, and experiencing their dog or puppy right along with them.

Q: What is your favorite part of training?

A:  Again..picking just one is impossible so here again are my top 3: 

1.  PUPPIES!  I love love helping pet guardians get their little one off to a great start 

2. Seeing the progression from week 1 of class to the last week of class and seeing the smiles and genuine joy families have when training with there dogs or puppies. 

3.  Learning all kinds of new things to apply to our classes to stay on the cutting edge of positive reinforcement pet training

Q: Favorite thing about your team?

A: My favorite thing about my team is how genuinely caring everyone is. Every single person on this team has the BIGGEST heart I have ever experienced. All of that all in one place is a whole lot of caring and smiles.

Q: Favorite thing about the clients?

A: My favorite thing about all of the clients is watching them interact with their dogs and puppies when they think no one is watching (both in class and in daycare). The cute “how was your day Fluffy” as you leave daycare or “WOOHOO You did it—high five” when they nail a trick in class will ALWAYS bring me joy.

Q: Favorite thing about the dogs?

A: My favorite thing about the dogs and puppies is watching them learn. Whether it is learning to recall out of play with your very best friend or keep 4 on the floor while getting snuggles I LOVE celebrating those “YES!” moments. 

Q: Something unique about you – not related to the dogs

A: I’m an introvert (yep —you read that right) who expresses herself through a full-sleeve tattoo and colored hair. Oh, and squeaky puppy voices 😉 

Q: Something you’d never guess I’d do/peg me for

A: Have a side hustle in photography. I have had a TERRIBLE memory most of my life and started taking lots of pictures early so I can remember things. The more pictures I took the better I got at it 🙂

Q: Which dog breed are you based on this quiz:


A: Greyhound…which is interesting. I pictured myself as more of a German Shepherd

Q: Which breed did you grow up with? 

A: Black lab mixes 

Q: Tell us about the pets that you live with now?

A: Happily! I have 4 dogs right now:

Bella, a beagle/corgi mix who is going to be 10 in march

Avi, a hound dog mix who is going to be 9 in November

Bane, Great Dane #1 (and the one that brought me to The Dog Den) who just turned 7! 

Bruce(y) Wayne, Great Dane #2 who will be 6 in January

Q: Favorite color

A:  You aren’t even ready for this excitement: G…R…E…Y. Is that really a color though? If it doesn’t count, purple is a close second. 

Q: Share a boring fact about yourself

A:  I don’t even care which way you put the toilet paper on the holder *gasp*

Q: If you got stranded on an island & it’s just you and your best buddy dog, what other animal would you want with you and why?

A: Definitely NOT snakes and DEFINITELY something that is a BABY ONE because hello cuteness!  Probably a penguin..or an elephant. Both bring equal amounts of squeals

Q: If you were a candle, what scent would you be?

A: Bourbon Maple from Bath and Body Works. It smells like fall mixed with winter in a jar <3

Q; If you could have one super power, what would it be?

A: Isn’t it obvious—converse with doggos. I want to know what they are actually thinking when I narrate for them —or do I? 

 Q: What weird collections do you have?  

A: This might qualify as the “things to know about me” section, but I am not a collector or the type that holds on to things. In fact, if I haven’t used it in the last 4 hours —get rid of it (joking…but only kind of) so I don’t have any weird collections.

Q: If you could pull one thing out of your belly button for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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