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Daycare Opens May 4th!

Please read below for important information about our daycare reopening.

We hope this post finds you well! 

First of all, thank you to those of you that took the time to answer our survey. It was very helpful to get your feedback. We appreciate your input!

This is a such an uncertain time. Should we reopen?  Can we do it safely? We have spent time researching and planning on how to mitigate the threat of COVID-19 to you and our team in order for us to feel good about reopening our doors.  The research has shown the social distancing is the key to keeping the transmission down and we have worked out a plan to keep social distancing at the front of all we do. 

The core of all we do is your dogs. Their safety, well-being, and happiness are the most important thing to us.  Creating the “perfect for you” family dog – through exercise, play, learning – is always our goal.  We do what we do so your dog is a happy, healthy member of your family – and ours!

 Dogs thrive with structure and socialization. They are social beings as much as we are!  Many of you have noticed that during our month off, your dogs have seemed different – clingy, restless, barky. They may miss their friends, just as much as you miss your friends and family.  But they can’t video chat or call their friends.  While they can’t understand what is going on, they can understand stress, sadness, and many other emotions you might be feeling.

How can we help our dogs while keeping ourselves and our pups safe and healthy? Under Governor Evers’ Safer at Home orders, pet daycare is an essential business.  In order for us to feel good about operating our business in a time of unparalleled uncertainty, we needed to understand how to protect everyone and maintain our social responsibility.  We have put into place several new procedures to allow for completely contactless drop off and pick up, keeping everyone’s safety in mind. 

WE PLAN TO OPEN FOR DAYCARE MONDAY MAY 4th at our Fitchburg and East locations.  Puppies will be able to attend daycare at our Fitchburg adult location.

The Dog Den’s Safety Plan
Contactless Drop Off and Pick Up
We have created a plan to have no contact drop off and pick up.  Please visit our blog for more details:

Lobby Hours
We will have people at our lobby doors between the hours of 6:30a-9:30a and 3:30p-6p. Outside of these hours our lobby will be closed.  You can still drop off or pick up during our closed hours if you give us a call at 608-278-7529 (Fitchburg) or 608-241-3647 (East).  We’ll meet you at the door to gather your pup.

Payments and Reservations
We will only be accepting payments online – check out this article on how to access your portal – or give us a call.  We’ll walk you through it! For the month of May only, we are going to ask those of you that would like to come back to daycare, to make new reservations.  We know this may seem fussy and unnecessary, but we have lowered our capacity of the month of May to operate more safely.  Instead of asking everyone with standing reservations to cancel if you don’t want to come, we are going to ask those of you that DO want to come to contact us and let us know when.  We’ll get you set up for the month of May.  As is common these days, we can’t predict what June will bring,  but as June approaches, we will be in touch with how we plan to proceed. 

Lunch for Daycare Dogs
In order to keep the transmission down, we ask that all lunches be brought in a resealable plastic bag clearly labeled with your dog’s first and last name.  There will be a container in the drop off/pick up area that you can place the lunches in when you are dropping off your dog for the day.  When it’s time for lunch, we will collect all lunches, disinfect the baggies, and feed lunches in our own bowls which will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.  The baggies and any remaining food will be thrown away after lunch so if you dog doesn’t normally eat or finish all the food you bring, please help us keep waste to minimum and skip bringing lunch at this time. Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Staff Precautions
Our normal set up keeps our staff safely social distancing. We will further this by not allowing any two staff members to be in the same area without masks.  Each staff member has been trained in cleaning, disinfecting, and good hygiene.  Staff members are not allowed to work if it’s known that they haven’t been following safe social distancing in their personal lives and will be asked to remain at home if they are at all feeling sick.  We are keeping the same staff at the same locations for the month of May to be able to limit contact with many different people.Staff will not be allowed to kiss your pups at this time and will keep contact to a minimum. 

Additional Things to Note
Safer at Home has given us a chance to spend more time with our families, including our pets. As canine behavior experts, we know how important it is for your dogs to spend time with you.  We also know that the stress of having a routine disrupted can be devastating for your dogs.  When the time comes for people to head back to work and have full calendars with social events, your dog may begin to suffer from separation anxiety.  It’s as important now as it ever has been to keep a routine with your pups.  When it’s work time, they must learn entertain themselves – or have quiet down time in their crates or another room. 
Continued socialization is also incredibly important – not only for the puppies where it is critical – but also in already social dogs.  Continuing to expose them to other dogs and people will help keep those social skills sharp and prevent your dog from developing stress, fear, or anxiety.If daycare is a part of their routine, returning to daycare is an easy way to check off both the socialization and structure to your dog’s week. 

Can your Dog Get COVID-19?
Short answer, it appears so, but the cases have been extremely rare.  It has been shown that under perfect laboratory conditions, canines can be infected with the virus. These pups have not shown any symptoms and the mortality rate from the virus is zero. There has been no recorded evidence of canine-canine transfer of the virus at this time.  Also, according to the CDC, OIE, and AVMA, there is no evidence that animals play a significant role in the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 and the based on current data, the risk of animals spreading the virus to people is considered low. 

You can read more about the experiment and the researchers results here:

It is recommended that if you are sick, you treat your animals like you would people and avoid contact with them and avoid bringing them around other animals.

While this is still an emerging disease, we believe based on the current research at this time that dogs are safe to be around each other without the threat of COVID-19 spread either to each other or to people.  We are staying on top of this research and will let you know of any changes.

With any socialization, there is always a risk of spreading diseases. Social dogs may come into contact with kennel cough, canine flu, and more.  Even dogs that don’t come in to contact with other dogs may get things like giardia from playing in standing water or eating wildlife feces. At this time, it is less likely that your dogs will get COVID-19 than it will kennel cough, canine flu, or even giardia.  While we do not claim to be an authority in any medical topics, we encourage you to do your research and make your own decisions about the risks and benefits of continuing to socialize your dog in our daycare setting.

 Here are some links we found useful during our research:,-but-there-is-no-cause-for-panic

Whew!  That was a lot of information, but we want you to be informed and know that we are taking our responsibilities to you, your pups, and each other very seriously.  While you make your decision on whether or not your pup will return to daycare, we will be here for you! 

For those of you returning during the month of May, we will need the following:

For those wanting to return after Safer at Home is lifted or later in the summer, we will be following up in a few weeks. 

 Oh!  One last thing – road construction has started on Fish Hatchery Road.  We have provide you with some options to avoid the construction here 

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Tail wags, 
The Dog Den & The Puppy Den Team

Fish Hatchery Road Construction

Road construction has begun on Fish Hatchery Road and it promises to be messy! While you can still get through the intersection, we wanted to provide some options to avoid the Fish Hatchery/Greenway Cross intersection in case you wanted to bypass it.

From the south, you can take Syene to a left on Stewart Street to right on Perry Street to left on Jonathon Drive (see gray line below).

From the Beltline, exit Rimrock Road/MM to McCoy to Syene and follow the rest of the directions above (see blue line below).

These are the quickest and easiest ways to avoid construction areas on Fish Hatchery Road.


Contactless Pick Up + Drop Off

In an effort to keep you, our client family, and our staff safe we will be implementing contactless pick up and drop off for our daycare services. Please be sure to allow extra time to drop off and pick up your dog so we can keep everyone safe.  Please watch the videos below for an example of how this will work at YOUR location. 

Drop Off

  1. Enter the gate and make sure to close it behind you! 
  2. Take off your pup’s collar, harness, and leash and step back from the door.
  3. We will come to the door, using our own leash to bring your pup to their playgroup—completely contactless with you.
  4. After your pup has safely entered the building, exit back out of the gate, keeping the leash with you for pick up.

Pick Up

  1. When you arrive for pick up, please reply to our text “here” or call to let us know you are next. Please only call once you are in our parking lot. Bring your leash and enter the fenced in area.
  2. Please step away from the door and wait for us to meet you at the door with your dog. 
  3. Leash up your pup and head home. 
  4. Please be mindful of those behind you waiting to pick up their dogs as well. 

Fitchburg Contactless Pick Up + Drop Off

East Contactless Pick Up + Drop Off

Your Guide to Your Client Portal

This blog post will walk you through how to navigate your customer portal. First, take a look at the video below. Then, check out the rest of this post for additional tips and tricks.

How to Log In

  1. Type in the email address or cell phone number you have on file.
  2. Click “continue logging in”
  3. Enter your password and click “sign in”
  4. If you have never logged in before, create a password on this screen.
  5. If you do not remember your password, click “forgot password” button. 

How to Update Personal Information 

  1. Click the “edit info” button on your owner dashboard (the first page that pops up when you log in) or from the “my account” drop down at the top of the page select “edit”. 
  2. Edit any information that populates on this page. 
  3. Don’t forget to hit “save” at the bottom of the page or your changes will not be saved

How to Update Animal Information 

Way #1

  1. From the owner dashboard, click the “edit info button”
  2. Select the dog you would like to edit from the top of the page
  3. Edit any information that populates on this page
  4. Don’t forget to hit “save” at the bottom of the page or your changes will not be saved.

Way #2

  1. From the “my account” drop downs at the top of the page select “view pets”
  2. Select Edit next to the animal you would like to edit. 
  3. Edit any information that populates on this page
  4. Don’t forget to hit “save” at the bottom of the page or your changes will not be saved.

How to Upload Files 

  1. From the “my account” drop down at the top of the page, select “upload files” 
  2. Drag the file you would like to upload into the browser or click on the “drop files here to upload” box. 
  3. Choose the file to upload 
  4. You’re all set. 
  5. You can also email files to and they will automatically upload to your account as well. 

How to Buy a Package 

  1. From the “my account” drop down at the top of the page select purchase packages an retail. 
  2. Ensure you are buying packages at the right location by checking the selected location in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select the package you would like to purchase by clicking the purchase price button at the bottom of the option. BE SURE TO SELECT THE PACKAGE YOU INTENDED TO. There are single, 2 dog, and 3 dog options.
  4. Enter the number of this package you would like to purchase.
  5. Click the “check out” button that populates
  6. Enter your credit card information , click “use this card”.
  7. Finish by clicking “purchase  for $999 button” 

How to Put Money on Your Account

  1. From the “my account” drop down at the top of the page select “buy store credit”
  2. Enter an amount that you would like to put on your account in the box at the top of the page
  3. Enter your credit card details
  4. Click “use this card” 

How to View Invoices and Pay Past Due’s 

  1. From the “my account” drop down at the top of the page select “view invoices”. 
  2. This will bring up all of the invoices your dog has had from visiting us. 
  3. If you have any open invoices, they will show “open” in the status column. They wil also have a green $ in the actions column. 
    1. You can sort your invoices by open and closed by clicking the arrow and lines located under the “status” column.
  4. If you have any open invoices you can pay them online by either clicking the invoice number or the green $. 
  5. If you click the invoice number, click “apply payment”. This will bring up a second window with the amount of the invoice in it and a place to enter your card information. Click “use this card” and “pay now” to complete the transaction.
  6. If you click the green $ this will populate another window with the amount of the invoice in it and enter your card information, select “use this card” and “pay now” to complete the transaction. 

How to Put a Card on File

  1. From the “my account” drop down at the top of the page select “cards on file” 
  2. Enter your card details 
  3. Click “use this card”
  4. Click “Save” 

How to Update Communication Preferences

  1. From the “my account” drop down at the top of the page select “communication preferences”
  2. Select the ways you would like to hear from us, de-select the ways you DO NOT want to hear from us.
  3. Click “save settings”

How to Make a Reservation

  1. From the “my reservations” drop down at the top of the page select “request services”
  2. Click “book daycare or boarding now”
  3. Verify you are making your reservation at the right location
  4. Select the type of reservation you would like to make: Full day or half day
  5. Select the dog (or dogs) you would like to make the reservations for
  6. Select a start date and end date (this should be the same day) 
  7. If you would like to make recurring reservations please click that button under the start and end dates and fill out the pop up. Don’t forget to click “add dates”. 
  8. If you would like to add another reservation please click that button under the start and end dates and simply add another date the same way. 
  9. Click “save” and your reservations will be submitted for approval by The Dog Den and The Puppy Den Staff

How to View Reservations 

  1. From the “my reservations” drop down at the top of the page select “view”.
  2. At the top of the page are several ways to sort the way you see the reservations
    1. Requests: The days you have requested awaiting approval
    1. Today: Reservations you have for today
    1. Future: Reservations you have booked in the future
    1. Past: Past reservations
    1. Wait list: Any reservations you have with us on the waitlist 
    1. All: All of the above reservations shown at once.

How to  Cancel a Single Reservation

  1. From the “my reservations” drop down at the top of the page select “view”
  2. Click “Future” at the top of the page
  3. Navigate to the reservation you would like to cancel. In the actions column, click the 3 bar drop down. 
  4. Click “cancel reservation” 
  5. Select a reason for cancellation
  6. Click cancel reservation 

How to Edit Standing Reservations

  1. From the “my reservations” drop down at the top of the page click “view”
  2. Your standing reservations will show at the top of the page. 
    1. If you have a recurring or standing reservation on a day, you will see a green check mark. If you do not you will see a red x.
  3. To cancel one of your reserved days, click “pre-cancel”. 
  4. Select the date range you would like to cancel. If it is just one day, this date should be the same in both blanks. 
  5. Click “cancel”