Classes Resume at The Dog Den and The Puppy Den

We hope this post finds you well and itching to jump back into the game of life with your dog! These last few weeks have been eye opening to a lot of different things—one of them may have been the discovery of some behaviors your dog offers that might not be something you love. The Dog Den and The Puppy Den are thrilled to be back and able to offer both LIVE in person classes as well as VIRTUAL audits of a live class which you can participate in from the safety and comfort of your own home. And don’t forget about our online classes!  

In our live classes, we are taking extra precautions to ensure everyone can stay safe and healthy. You will notice: 

  • Our training stations will be at least 10 ft apart to practice proper social distancing  
  • All of our moving exercises, where we may be using another class member as a distraction, will be 10-15 ft apart OR participants will need to wear a mask. There is never any pressure to participate in any exercise that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.  
  • Our Instructors will wear masks for your safety when moving around the room and interacting 1 on 1 with you 
  • Hand Sanitizer will be provided and it’s use encouraged in all of our classrooms 
  • There will be only two humans allowed per dog in each class  
  • We will be running smaller classes to ensure we are able to maintain proper social distancing  
  • We will be sanitizing each training station between classes  

With these things in place, we are excited to be able to be in-person with you, conquering some of those less-than-ideal behaviors you may have discovered, such as pulling on leash during your lovely quarantine walks, barking in jealousy at the neighbors drawing beautiful things on the sidewalk, being SO excited to be off “safer at home” we can’t keep 4-on-the-floor, or even forgetting how to be by ourselves because we’ve had so much fun with the family over the last few weeks. See the live, in-person classes we have scheduled and sign up here!  

We understand and respect that not everyone is ready to “jump back in” to in-person with the very real threat of the virus still present. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the ability to work with your dog or puppy on some of the same things listed above and we’ve got the PERFECT option for you—VIRTUAL training. Though you might expect this to be a pre-recorded class, you may be surprised to find out this is a live, in-person class streamed real-time to your living room or training space. With the audit option, you will not receive instructor feedback live, but will have a front row seat to tips and tricks delivered in the classroom. If you find challenges during the class, you can always add instructor feedback as needed. As an added bonus, you will get access to previous class recordings for up to one week after the 6-week session ends!  

We’ve have several options for you to explore, which you will find here! (If you were hoping for a pre-recorded option, you can find that here!) 

We are thrilled to be back helping you with your puppy and dog training needs!  

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