Contactless Pick Up + Drop Off

In an effort to keep you, our client family, and our staff safe we will be implementing contactless pick up and drop off for our daycare services. Please be sure to allow extra time to drop off and pick up your dog so we can keep everyone safe.  Please watch the videos below for an example of how this will work at YOUR location. 

Drop Off

  1. Enter the gate and make sure to close it behind you! 
  2. Take off your pup’s collar, harness, and leash and step back from the door.
  3. We will come to the door, using our own leash to bring your pup to their playgroup—completely contactless with you.
  4. After your pup has safely entered the building, exit back out of the gate, keeping the leash with you for pick up.

Pick Up

  1. When you arrive for pick up, please reply to our text “here” or call to let us know you are next. Please only call once you are in our parking lot. Bring your leash and enter the fenced in area.
  2. Please step away from the door and wait for us to meet you at the door with your dog. 
  3. Leash up your pup and head home. 
  4. Please be mindful of those behind you waiting to pick up their dogs as well. 

Fitchburg Contactless Pick Up + Drop Off

East Contactless Pick Up + Drop Off

8 thoughts on “Contactless Pick Up + Drop Off

  1. Lesley DiSalvo

    Thank you for the video, but I did not see a bin to drop off lunches. Also could you please include my husband Tom in e mails as he is the person who drops off and picks up Abby. He will be there with Abby on Tuesday May 5th. Abby will be so happy to see you all again. My husband’s e mail us

    1. The Dog Den Post author

      Hi Lesley!

      The bin wasn’t in our video, as we didn’t quite have it ready at filming. Rest assured it will be there when it comes time to drop your dog off for daycare. Unfortunately, while we can have two emails on file, our system only sends email to one primary email. If you would like to update your email on your account, please see our blog post about the user portal or email info@thedogden to get that taken care of.

  2. Kate Lyman

    Hi, Thanks for all the work you put into safety. I’m wondering it should be recommended that customers wear gloves (or use a plastic bag, like is required at dog parks) when opening and closing the gate.

    My other question is about the no petting rule for staff. As I’m sure you know, Nessie craves human contact, especially with her beloved counselor.
    And I read that the chance of getting Covid from petting a dog is highly unlikely.

    Thanks, Nessie will be happy to see her friends again, Kate

    1. The Dog Den Post author

      Hi Kate!

      Thanks for the questions. You are more than welcome to use gloves or a bag to open the gate if you would like. In addition, we will be disinfecting the gate between clients as well. To answer your other question, to keep everyone safe and healthy as the email/post states kisses and contact will be kept to a minimum for now. It will be just as hard for our staff as it is for her 🙂

  3. Suzy

    We are excited to be able to have clover back at daycare, thank you for your diligence with these new procedures. At drop off and pick up, I assume there will be timeS where multiple people are there to drop/pick at once. In which case, I assume just form a 6 ft spaced line in the lot and then text when you reach the head of the line? Is that the right assumption?

    1. The Dog Den Post author

      You got it, Suzy! You can also feel free to wait in your car until the “coast is clear”. We will have extra front staff ready to help the process go as quickly as possible.

  4. Kari Houg

    Hi we just want to thank you for al you are doing for all puppers!!! Just want to let you know that CodyCat and Archie Box will not be coming to “school” until Wed May 27th and continue on with the normal schedule of Wednesdays! They are missing their pup friends for sure. You will have your hands full! I am changing my email address to below s please change it to the new one that is marked below and take off the Hotmail one. Thanks


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