So you Want to Train your Dog?

Thinking about taking group training classes but unsure of which one would be the right fit? Sure, everyone says it’s a good idea to train your dog, but how do you know where to start? How beneficial is formal training anyway? Which training method is best, and how do you go about choosing one? This post explores the top benefits of group-training classes, and great reasons to train your dogs in general!

Training classes provide an excellent way for you (read: the owner) to gain confidence when working with your dog. The right classes allow you to refine your training skills while learning about the emotions and thought processes of your dog, and gain an understanding the way your dog communicates! Ultimately, training classes are great tools for creating healthy bonds between owners and their pups!

Training classes are also great for the dogs! What, you thought it was all about you? Classes will provide structured education for your dog and great mental stimulation and exercise. It takes a lot of energy to learn new things! You’ll find your dog good and tired after just a 45-minute training session. A well-trained dog is a happy dog, as most dogs thrive with structure and guidelines. Certain classes (such as agility) also provide physical exercise for your dogs – a necessity for all canines! Along with teaching basic obedience and other commands, classes are a great way for dogs to get some socialization outside of the house. As a bonus, they meet lots of new friends-both human and canine-during class.

Okay, convinced that training is a fun and wonderful thing for your pup? Now, how do you go about choosing a class? The most important thing when choosing a group class is to pick one that fits both you and your dog best! Here is a sampling of some classes offered at The Dog Den.

 Basic Obedience

All Star 1-4: These classes are specifically geared towards our younger dogs and puppies. All Star classes will teach the foundations of basic obedience for your puppy, while also focusing a lot on the importance of puppy socialization.

All Star 1: Primarily focuses on puppy socialization, bite inhibition and body handling. The      class will also cover the basic foundations of obedience.

 All Star 2: This class will focus on continuation of basic obedience foundation learned in All Star 1, with additional obedience cues, and assistance in entering the “teenager phase”

All Star 3: This class will work on enhancing listening skills for basic obedience commands and solidifying verbal control over your dog

All Star 4: Will mainly focus on working at a distance and gaining control over your dog in a high level of distraction

Dream Team 1-3: The main focus of these classes will be to help owners work with their dogs on obedience training and have a goal to be able to work off leash in higher level classes. This would be a great place to start if you have a dog that’s no longer a puppy, but want him to get sharpen his obedience skills!

Dream Team 1: The main focus will be establishing reliable attention and

response to obedience cues

Dream Team 2: The main focus of this class will be gaining solid verbal

control under higher levels of distractions.

Dream Team 3: This class will have a main goal of working off leash while in the presence of higher distractions.

 Specialized Classes

Scrappers: The primary focus of this class is dogs that are reactive and may have issues with aggression. The class goal will be management of dogs in situations that may be challenging and cause a reactive response. The class will use control unleashed techniques, and also emergency commands.

 Shy Dog Class: This class is designed for dogs that are nervous around new people or in new situations. The class will work on building confidence in dogs, help owners better understand how to react to their dog’s behavior, and show owners how to use positive reinforcement to teach dogs to be calm in certain situations.

Total Control Unleashed (TCU): This class is focused on dogs that are easily distracted or uncomfortable in stimulating or stressful environments. The class will teach owners and dogs how to focus and relax in these types of situations, and work off-leash reliably.

There are many other options for classes offered at The Dog Den. If you’re interested in seeing what is offered, check out the “training” tab on The Dog Den website!

There you have it, the top benefits of training your dog and a sampling of classes to help get you started choosing the right option. Remember, the most important thing is choosing the one that fits you and your dog the best! I think I covered all my bases, but may have missed something. Can you think of anything else you’d like to know about dog training? Or any other reasons you might want to train your dog?


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