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"Dear Laura and The Dog Den staff,
"I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything The Dog Den has done for Sadie and me. Your company is so very generous to dogs in foster care. In fact, your generosity is unparalleled in the whole State of Wisconsin. My foster puppy Sadie was living under a porch of an abandoned home in Kentucky with her brother and sister. I remember vividly the first day I brought Sadie to puppy play groups. She was so terrified it took quite awhile to get her out of her crate. Sadie hid in a corner the entire time. Since that day, Sadie and I have taken the All Star Level 1 class (twice) and the All Star Level 2 class. Sadie and I are signed up for the Shy Dog class and the Total Control Unleashed class. We had one private lesson in our home. Sadie also goes to day care three days a week. While Sadie is still very shy, she has come so far with the wonderful help of The Dog Den staff. One of Sadie's favorite things is to go to day care and play with her friends! This week Kourtney told me that Sadie nudged her hand for attention. We Golden lovers call that the Golden Nudge! That is a huge, huge step for Sadie. You have an unbelievably caring and devoted staff. Everyone I have ever interacted with at The Dog Den has such a genuine concern for Sadie. It is truly touching. I know I am not alone in my quest to help Sadie be the confident dog she was meant to be. I am so appreciative of everything The Dog Den has done for Sadie, for me, and many other WAAGR foster dogs and foster families. Thanks so much."
-Amie Trupke | Sadie's Foster (now Forever) Mom

"Fetch Wisconsin Rescue truly values The Dog Den's support and partnership. They have provided amazing support helping to rehabilitate dogs in need of a little extra attention and the services they offer our foster families helps us to ensure they have a positive experience. The staff is always personable, friendly and remembers each of our dogs by name. We couldn't ask for a better partner in the Dog Den!"
-Katie Tremble, Fetch Wisconsin Rescue

"The Dog Den has been nothing short of AMAZING with our reactive dog, Jordy. We have been through several training classes, and it has worked wonders with both ours and Jordy's confidence, as we really didn't know what to do with a reactive dog beforehand. We started out in regular training classes, but realized how reactive Jordy was, and we moved on to the Scrappers classes and Control Unleashed. LOVED the trainers and loved how well they knew Jordy and were always happy to see him (even if he wasn't so happy to see them). We've learned how to handle Jordy on walks and around other people by keeping his focus on us first, rather than reacting to other distractions. The trainers have always been there for us, and are happy to answer questions, and make sure us and our dog has the best life together. I've recommended friends with a new puppy to their daycare, playgroups, and classes, and they've loved it just as much as us. The Dog Den really does feel like part of the family. "
-Beth & Jordy

"We did the All Star Puppy class when we got our goldendoodle last fall. Daniela was the instructor and she made the class fun and interesting. I love that all the staff gets to know all of the dog's names. They really get to know the dogs and are all so easy to approach. "
-Janie Winston

"The Dog Den is one special place that you and your dog will love! An exceptional group of instructors lead the pack with this incredibly positive approach to training and daycare services. I highly recommend The Dog Den to any dog owner seeking one of a kind service and really enjoyable classes. What makes The Dog Den so amazing is the dedicated group of dog lovers that work with you to understand your dog, while making you feel confident in any on-going training or service no matter what the age of your dog may be. The Dog Den is an A+ establishment!"
-Lydia & Boo

"I love The Dog Den!
As the owner of a rescue dog with some special needs, what I love most is The Dog Den's commitment to helping *all* dogs succeed through positive reinforcement training and lots of love.
As a volunteer with Fetch WI, I also love The Dog Den's commitment to giving back - to local rescues, to the dogs themselves, and to the community by helping our pups succeed, learn, and socialize with other dogs as they wait for their forever homes.
I highly recommend The Dog Den to anyone looking for a great place to take their four-legged loved ones for training, day care, and classes."
-Sarah & Jake

"My Blue and I love the staff and classes at the Dog Den! Now going on 18 months, Blue started daycare when he was four months old, and we've also taken many obedience classes. We just started the Triebball class for fun, and look forward to freestyle. My smart boy is a handful, and I don't know how we'd have made it so successfully through this year of his challenging puppy behaviors without the support, patience, and knowledge of the phenomenal staff there! "
-Julie & Blue

"Can't believe that almost a year has gone by since I brought in a 2-month-old puppy. Like all "moms" I was apprehensive about leaving him in anyone's care, much less strangers with a building full of dogs. I had high expectations and I was not disappointed. It's not a job to you; it's a passion. And that passion shows in all that you do. I've watched so many dogs come through your doors and your joy and excitement with each new addition is so obvious!! Thank you for the peace of mind, to be able to go to work and know that my dog is in great hands! Thank you for helping to raise my puppy! Without your care and dedication, it wouldn't be possible for many of us to have our pawed family members. You've become Louie's extended family and my friends.
Thank you!"
-Jill & Louie

"We started our puppy at the Dog Den when he was 5 months old, taking him to All Star classes and puppy play. He has turned out amazingly well adjusted and well behaved! He has no fear issues. Other people and dogs of all kinds are just potential friends and playmates! He checks in with us all the time while we're at the dog park, and walks to our right side when he's leashed. Everyone who meets him loves his attitude and how friendly he his!"
-Amelia & Baxter

"We really enjoyed the 2 classes we took at the Dog Den with our little girl, Mocha. She loved coming, always very happy and excited to arrive at the Den and see her little friends. We learned a lot, and I'm sure that Mocha benefited from the socialization that she had with the other pups."
-Deb and Mocha

"Buckley was at The Dog Den Monday and Tuesday. He went with enthusiasm and energy and came home a dog lump each day! :) Thanks for taking such good care of him. He had lots of fun, it's obvious. Thanks for such a quality doggie daycare!"
-Becky & Buckley

"I'm very glad when I was looking for these services (daycare and training) I encountered the folks from The Dog Den. Our experience with The Dog Den has been very positive and enjoyable"
-Peggy & Glory

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you to you and your staff for the unbelievable care and service you provide to Guinness and I.
Your training staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to offer help or suggestions when something isn't working or if Guinness is to advanced for what we are currently doing. They do a very good job to make sure we never feel frustrated and always have a good time.
I work in customer service and know all to well that good customer service is taken for granted and just wanted to say THANK YOU! :)"
-Teresa & Guinness

"Hi Laura and gang,
I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you to all of you for taking care of Chip!!  We know that he can be a pain in the butt!!  And I'm sure he requires lots of patience and self-control (not to mention eye-rolling and cringing) from all of you.  We brought Chip to another daycare a few times that was at a much more convenient location for us, but I could totally tell that he didn't love it as much as at The Dog Den.  Seeing how excited Chip gets to go to "work", I just can't say no!  (So I will battle the Beltline for the sake of our beloved dog; what we do for our dogs...)
I also really appreciate that Ryan called last night at 6:30pm to let me know you had a cancellation today so that I could bring Chip in.  He could have just said that you're full for the day, but the extra effort that your whole staff puts in really makes The Dog Den fantastic!!
Thanks for taking such good care of our crazy Chipper!"
Lindsey Gustafson